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Stress-free, from start to finish. It will be designed to drive you revenue.
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(updated November 2020)

Sit back and get results from someone you can trust

My background is in growth marketing. If these webinars don't grow your business, that will personally bother me.

Grow Your Sales

For 2+ years, I've carefully tracked & attributed over $2 million in revenue from webinar attendees. I know how to influence your bottom line too.

Get New Leads

I've helped generate thousands of leads through paid and partnership channels. I'll set you up to receive a stream of recurring new leads, even after your live webinar.

Impress Your Audience

I've been making effective presentations and speaking to large crowds for over 10+ years. I know how to craft you a presentation that your audience can't take their eyes off of.

My Experience

Live webinars completed since 2018
High-quality presentations crafted & on-demand webinars launched
Viewers reached since 2018

Forget about the technical problems.
You can breathe.

I've used every top webinar software in the market. I've been making videos since I was 9.

Audio & Video

Mac? PC? I've got you covered. I'll ensure you won't run into audio and video issues during the live stream or recording.

Moderating, Polls, Q&A, Chat

I'll guide you in creating and launching polls, how to handle Q&A sessions, and enable features like community chat. I can also be your host or help you be an incredible host/moderator.

Editing & Hosting

I'll turn your 30+ minute live recording into a polished asset that will get you traffic for years. I can track # of views, who watched it, where people drop off, and more.

Here are a few areas of my consulting

Producing a live webinar is a complicated process. Luckily, I've done it over 100+ times and I've worn every hat there is.

Creative Planning & Slide Design
Custom Registration Page
Project Management
Edited On-Demand Webinar (Branded)
Live Webinar Broadcast
Custom Emails to No-Shows and Attendees

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